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Domain Names & Hosting

Domain Names

A domain name is the address that people will use to find your website. Without a domain name no-one will be able to find your site. The domain name for this site is jagseven.co.uk. Most domain names are used, like the website, as an extension of the branding and marketing of a company. Therefore the choice of name becomes important.

Registering a domain name can be thought of like registering a car – registrations need to be renewed after the initial purchase. Most domain names are renewed every year or every two years. We can advise on selecting your company name, and whether you should use .com, .co.uk, .eu or others as the best way of marketing your business. We purchase the name on your behalf and will set up relevant e-mail addresses to allow customers to contact you directly.

If you have not yet started trading, but want to secure “that special domain name”, contact jagseven to ensure that it gets registered to you – now. Don’t delay, secure the rights to the name you want.


Website Hosting is one of those services that most users don’t even realise is going on in the background. All websites need to stay on a server (computer) that is permanently connected to the internet – jagseven will provide the hosting for your websites (and any email accounts associated with the website). When someone types in your web address into their computer, the internet directs their request to the correct server and your website appears. Without this any site will be invisible to the world wide web.

Right now, you might be thinking that you are not yet ready to put the website up, but you want to secure the domain name and start using an email address. We can help with that too – we can purchase the domain name, put up a holding page with your contact details and set up any email addresses you need.

We also offer hosting only solutions for businesses who have their website already set up. Just contact jagseven and we can discuss your needs.

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